American Pacific Polynesian Lei Pads

Welcome to the our Polynesian Lei hobbyist website. Inside you'll find an incredible selection of lei pads for mounting Hawaiian flower leis, lei books, display cases and books that are dedicated to the topic of Polynesian and Hawaiian leis.

The basics of Lei & Flower Preservation

  1. First and foremost it's important to preserver your lei at the earliest possible time. Since a lei is a made up of flowers, the same guidelines of flower preservation can be applied to lei preservation.
  2. Once your lei is preserverd, mount it to a lei pad or any foam-like mounting board. You can find a great selection of lei pads and foam mouning boards in our lei pad section.
  3. Once mounted, insert your lei with its lei pad into a display case of your liking, but be certain that you've allowed about one quarter of an inch of space between the glass or acrylic so that your lei's edges don't rub against the display case which may cause any preservative to rub off if your display case is moved often. If it's a tight fit, don't worry, it likely won't happen, we simply give you the best appraoch.
  4. Finally, take your mounted and encased lei and display either on a wall, a shelf or anywhere you find attractive. Be sure that wherever you display your finished project that it's not in a place that it can be easily bumped. If it is, you run the slight risk that all the pins and strings you may have used to mount your lei on a lei pad will pop out and cause a prjoect redo.

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